5 Moral Principles of Marriage — The Truth About God’s Model

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I hope you will consider these “Five Moral Principles of Marriage” we must understand and live out personally and as culture nurture and defend.

1. Marriage is God’s idea.

God’s plan is best because God alone is Truth, Creator and Judge.  Our opinion doesn’t really matter. We have no vote, but we do have a choice. As the Source of all Authority, God’s plan for male and female, marriage, human sexuality, children and family prevails. Only He has the right to legitimately define it and to demand that we observe it.

2. God’s plan establishes biblical marriage as foundational for strong families.

Biblical marriage is the cornerstone of authority in human society. God’s foundation for societal order is upheld first by the pillar of family authority, then civil, then church authority — all nurtured by God’s purpose and limitation for each. No nation can be blessed by God without strong families. No family can be strong without a strong marriage at the center. And no marriage can be strong without following God’s plan for marriage.

3. No other combination besides one man and one woman works in God’s plan.

This principle presumes one man and one woman, united and committed, as one flesh— before God. Therefore, no government possesses the authority to legally alter or redefine marriage or family. It has no more moral or jurisdictional authority to redefine marriage than to declare a natural law invalid or declare immoral actions, such as theft, murder or rape, moral.

4. To preserve the integrity of marriage and the family, it must be kept holy. 

No violation or variation of marriage or engagement in human sexuality, other than within the bounds of marriage between one man and one woman, is acceptable without bringing predictable consequences to individuals, communities and nations. Heterosexual infidelity, sex outside marriage, homosexuality or marriage between multiple men or woman all violate God’s order.

5. Ephesians 5 gives truth about marriage.

God declares in Ephesians 5 that physical marriage between one man and one woman is holy and mirrors the spiritual relationship between Christ and the Church. God’s plan of redemption through Jesus Christ and His relationship to the church is the picture of true love and unity between God and man — and why all efforts to redefine God’s design is a direct attack on God Himself, His plan of redemption and Jesus Christ.

At the American Pastors Network (APN), we emphasize the authority of Scripture for deciding all issues, including marriage, and urge pastors and parents to defend and live out God’s model in their pulpits and in their homes.

In this vein, APN hopes all will join us in our national prayer movement called “52 Tuesdays,” in which the faithful from around the country will come together to pray for the moral and spiritual renewal of our nation every Tuesday. 

By Sam Rohrer