Fostering Faith at Home During COVID 19; Moms Play Pivotal Role

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As many families spend their time at home due to stay-at-home orders, Barna is offering Households of Faith, the second report produced in partnership with Lutheran Hour Ministries. Households of Faith is based on an extensive study of practicing Christians and their living arrangements and routines. The study has been started in a series as the importance of nurturing faith in family is more “present and pressing” than ever. 

In the report, spiritually vibrant households have some key behaviors: Spiritual practices, Spiritual conversations and Hospitality. They pray every day or two and read the Bible weekly all together. They talk about God and faith at least weekly all together. They welcome non-family guests at least several times a month. 

It is also found that vibrant households have meaningful, fun, quality time with their housemates and extended household members. Most importantly, the report shows the influence of Mom on their teenagers in Christian Households. Christian teens identify their mother as the principal housemate for eating meals together(85%), watching TV or movies(81%), to talking about God(70%) and having confrontations(63%). 

According to Christian teens, mothers support them with advice(78%), encouragement(75%) and sympathy(72%).  Especially mothers provide them spiritual guidance and instruction. They said moms are their foremost partners in prayer(63%) and conversations about God(70%), the Bible or faith questions(72%). 

And the survey with teens revealed how important the family is for passing faith down to the next generation as more than half of those who report growing up in the faith(57%). 

As most people are sheltering in place and in need of faith formation at home, Barna is offering the Household of Faith report for free here with the promo code “HOUSEHOLDS”