5 Quiet Time With God Tips for Busy Moms

There’s no doubt about it; most mothers are on the job 24/7. That’s exactly the reason why they’re so great at multi-tasking and balancing things every single day. But regardless of whether your mom is a Superwoman or a Wonder Woman of the household, they also need their own quiet time…time with God.

Let me tell you this, there are days when moms can just lose it. With job, kids and household chores to balance, it can get too much in a day. Well, if you’re feeling this way, know that it’s alright. And if you’re struggling, know that you can always pray to God for patience and strength.

It is important that you make time for God despite your very busy schedule. 10 minutes of quiet time each day can revitalize your spirit in more ways than you expect. Thus, you have to make it a priority to set aside a few minutes each day to talk to the Lord and do your devotions. And today, I will help you do that with these five quiet time tips for busy moms:

1. Wake up earlier.

Making time for your quiet time will indeed require sacrifice. So to start your day right, wake up a few minutes earlier so you can converse with God. This is great because you can do your devotions while the kids are still asleep and no one will bother you yet. Doing your quiet time in the morning also makes your focus better as well as encourage and inspire you to have a great day ahead!

2. Have quiet time at night with the kids.

If you like having your quiet time at night, then why not let the kids join you instead? You will relieve yourself from the pressure of putting the kids to bed early just so you can start reading the Bible. Let them join you because this will also teach your kids about God and his amazing stories. Moreover, think of it as training so that your kids will develop the habit of reading the Bible before going to bed too. Isn’t that a great bonding time?

3. Always bring your devotional book everywhere.

You’ll never know when you’ll have extra time to read, which is why I suggest that you bring your Bible or devotional book everywhere you go. Are you going to the grocery? Bring it because you might be waiting in line. You can also have some short quiet time in the parking lot of your child’s school while you wait for them to come out. Let’s not take those five minutes of free time for granted.

4. Join a community growth group.

You’re busy busy busy and you can’t really go anywhere too far. What you must do is join a growth group near your home. Your church can help you find the nearest growth group that you can be a part of. The great thing about growth groups is that you don’t have to study the Bible alone. You will find support from other people and at the same time, you can give your support as well. When moms are super tired, sometimes, just being in company with the same busy moms will make you feel better.

5. Pray for it.

Nothing is impossible with prayer. As a busy mom, you will need all the support and strength you can get. There’s no better friend to have at this time that our Lord Jesus Christ. He knows exactly what you’re going through before you even say how you feel. Pray for enlightenment. Pray for patience. Pray for guidance. And most of all, pray for wisdom.

Remember, the enemy is trying different ways to make you grow farther and farther from God like let’s say, your busy schedule and stressful feelings. Don’t let him win. Find solace and comfort in the word of the Lord and believe that God will not give you anything that you can’t do. He is always with you every step of the way.

By Azalea Pena