Who We Are


Marriage is a very special creation of God. As Genesis teaches, men and women were created in God’s image, to be joined together in marriage as two becoming one flesh. A new family in God’s kingdom is formed when a man and a woman are united in holy matrimony. As they are blessed with children a new unique family is born in God’s kingdom. With Christ’s Love at the center, marriage completes each person. Families are built upon faith in Christ, Bible study, prayer and church participation. This leads to: commitment, hope, encouragement and understanding. What God has blessed, let no one put asunder.

Christ is the light of the world. Let’s pray that we keep the cross of Christ and his love at the center of our marriages and all relationships this year.

God bless you,

Dr. Tom Cowley


In the 1970s, Dr. Tom Cowley and his wife Mrs. Karen Cowley began leading home study “care groups” to strengthen Christian families. Since then, they have faithfully led home studies for the past 40 years. The Cowleys have striven all the while to build their family with Biblical values, and currently are blessed with four grandchildren. Dr. Cowley serves as the International Director of the Foundation, while Mrs. Karen Cowley is the International Chairperson.

In 2001, a group of Christian families began meeting together to discern Biblical values for parents to raise children with. They recognized the importance of families in strengthening churches. As this gathering grew and more families were added, the Faith & Family Foundation came to be officially established in 2003.

The Foundation’s goals now include all aspects of Christian family care, including pre-marriage counseling, marital guidance and counseling, family-raising, childcare, children’s education, and senior care. By partnering with other family institutions, we hope to expand our services and strengthen families for Jesus Christ.

Currently under the leadership of Dr. and Mrs. Cowley, the Faith & Family Foundation is creating a collection of family resources and education materials to be used in family conferences. It is our hope to shed light on the importance of Christian families in the development of churches today, and to assist in building strong families with Biblical values to that end.

Our Vision

From Mike and Jan Mitchels
“Thank you Faith & Family for caring about our marriage. The conferences and resources have helped us become better role models of the Gospel, and better parents. That has made a tremendous difference in strengthening our family.”

Purpose of Establishment
The Faith & Family Foundation was founded for the purpose of building and supporting Christian families with biblical values.

The vision of the Faith & Family Foundation is to restore families, communities, and society to holiness through Jesus Christ.
Our purpose is to proclaim the Gospel with a practical approach towards family issues, and to confirm the importance of Christian faith and families.

“Biblical Values for Today’s Families”